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Q: How does the Damage multiplier from Raking Fire works against a grappled ship(s)?
A: Only the target ship is counted when working out modifiers for point blank range and/or raking fire bonuses. Add up the total damage excl damage caused by the critical hit table as normal, and then divide it equally between all the ships in the grapple.
Rules Committee, FB 28.6.2021 Chris Cowburn

[Image: 207186380_4193211490725612_3565906694519...e=618B6C93]

Q: Does Full Wind Rules affect Squadrons, and if so, how?
A: Squadrons are not impacted by the full wind rules. They act as normal (1 move step with up to 2 turns to face any direction).
Rules Committee, FB 28.6.2021 Chris Cowburn

Q: When using Full Wind Rules and making a Tack turn, is any direction legal?
A: A ship can choose which way they want to turn when Tacking.
Rules Committee, FB 28.6.2021 Chris Cowburn

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